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May 09, 2023

Four allocations in 20 years of FBDi!

Source: Markt & Technik · May 2023
Allokationen – Man kann nichts machen, aber das Richtige tun!
Trends & Strategies: An article by Thomas Gerhardt, MD GLYN Jones GmbH & Co., board member of FBDi

Allocations come with predictable regularity. As different as the reasons may seem, there is a certain pattern behind them that has been discovered long ago. Knowing this makes it easier to assess one's own situation and how to deal with the allocation.

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February 09, 2023

"You don't get real value for free"

Focus Distribution: "You don't get real value for free."
A. Falke in an interview with Computer & Automation

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January 02, 2023

»Zeitenwende« is necessary

Source: 70 years of »Elektronik« 20.2022
70 years »Elektronik« Anniversary issue

Comment by Georg Steinberger, Chairman of FBDi

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December 31, 2022

Protect human rights

BMZ study on the German CSR (LKSG):

Millions of people around the world live in misery and hardship because minimum social standards such as the ban on forced and child labor are disregarded. 79 million children around the world work under exploitative conditions in textile factories, quarries and coffee plantations – including for our products.

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