Areas of Competence – CT T&TC

CT Transportation & Trade Compliance

The many new Europe-wide directives led to the founding of the Transportation Working Group.

In addition to logisticians from the association members, the working group also includes their import and export specialists, who meet to exchange experiences on "best practices" in their fields and update them on a quarterly basis.  

The objectives are the preparation of guidelines for the customs tariff classification of products (e.g. LEDs, PCAPs), transport and storage of batteries (according to IATA, ADR, etc.), transport regulations and export control (US, Germany).

Monitoring of the relevant legislation (e.g. BattG, Verpackungs-VO) and proposals for position papers are also discussed in this forum.
With the BREXIT, this Competence Team has been enriched by another topic, as new tasks and regulations always require our attention.
Sanctions and their legally compliant implementation are also addressed and comprehensively discussed in the Transportation & Trade Compliance Competence Team.

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