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FBDi welcomes RECOM as new Supporting Member

May 05, 2020

Increased communication between distributors and manufacturers

Uwe Frischknecht, MD RECOM

With RECOM, the FBDi association has gained a manufacturer of power supply converters as a supporting member. The RECOM group with headquarters in Austria has more than 45 years of experience in the development and production of state-of-the-art current transformer technology in the power range from 0.25W to 30KW.

A supporting membership is reserved for manufacturers - they do not provide statistical figures, but benefit from the results, from which they can see, among other things, how individual markets are developing strongly or less well received in their sector via distribution. By participating in regular internal meetings of the Competence Teams (Environment&Compliance, Transport&Trade Compliance, Quality Management, Market&Future) they can gain a valuable knowledge advantage. At the same time, the communication and exchange of information opens up additional perspectives for both sides and thus creates new aspects and approaches for day-to-day business. The increased direct communication benefits all members and ultimately the distribution customers by contributing to the expansion of innovative solutions and ideas and the further development of the distribution landscape - a valuable advantage not only in times of allocation.

Quote Uwe Frischknecht, Managing Director and responsible for sales in EMEA: "For several decades, RECOM has deliberately built up and expanded the distribution channel and can now proudly rely on a unique network of leading broadline distributors and high service providers. Thus, the distribution channel has become RECOM's most important sales market. With the FBDi supporting membership we hope to achieve an even closer integration with the distribution, so that RECOM can continue to meet its best-in-class distribution support in the future.”


Quote Andreas Falke, Managing Director of FBDi association: "Not only in the actual difficult situation a true understanding of each other's capabilities and performance is essential in order to survive critical phases such as these in the best possible way. It is not helpful to demand the impossible, which then leads to an interruption in the flow of information or goods for all sides. That is why we are pleased to welcome every solution-oriented partner in the electronics world who, like us, sees in a commitment to the FBDi the opportunity to achieve the best solution for the entire supply chain in a given situation through improved, open communication across the boundaries of their own role".

In view of changing market conditions, it remains important to expand the network. Further supporting members are always welcome in the FBDi association and are cordially invited to all meetings, regardless of whether competence teams or general meetings. The upcoming challenges can only be solved with the participation of everyone. Especially when extreme volume concentration in mobile communications meets production capacities reduced by failures on one side, Europe must pull together in a highly solution-oriented manner and put island egotism behind.

"We have reason to rethink many things, let's think ahead with a view to the future", Falke explains.

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