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Successfull meeting of FBDi with BMWi

February 25, 2019

Visit at Germanys Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy

FBDi delegation visited German BMWi

A special highlight at the beginning of 2019 was the meeting of a delegation of FBDi with Dr. Anke Raloff, Head of Division of General Trading Policy (EU/WTO), Services, Intellectual Property, at the BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy, on February 19. In a short tour of introductions FBDi outlined the heterogeneity and complexity of the member companies in the FBDi (SMEs and also corporate groups). Dr. Raloff was not only interested in the positions of the SMEs and concrete information of medium-sized companies, she also offered to support the transmission of FBDi association and its issues to relevant departments of BMWi.


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